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The Other Side to Ownership. (Not mine.)

We see a lot of posts on various groups from guys seeking a woman to “own,” or “make my property.” They’re pretty shallow. Basically just personal ads from guys looking for a woman to fuck and beat, not that I’m opposed to sex and s/m (evil grin). But, they’re basically just hook up ads for sex and spanking. “Ownership” in that ad means “I want to get to fuck you as I like. You’re free pussy, no strings.” They start with the presumption that submissive women simply want a man who will use them and will give him what he wants to get that man and want nothing in return.

But, to really own someone takes a lot more. Being owned does, indeed, imply that you may do as you wish with your “property,” within whatever limits the two of you have established between yourselves. It implies the sub will comply with your whims, desires, fetishes, and lusts, freely and without resistance. It’s a lovely relationship, the kind doms like to think about, talk about and fantasize about. I’m horny, she has a wet mouth, wet pussy and an ass for my use and enjoyment. I command, she obeys. I order, she complies. “Yes, sir,” are the only two words she needs to know. That, and “fuck me harder, please.” It is the FetLife fantasy of a D/s relationship. Perfect in every way.

But, life rarely imitates art. The reality is there is another side to owning someone. A side we don’t talk about much. Especially not talked about by the guys who just want the free pussy and whipped ass whenever they feel like it.

The sub has given you her trust. She has signed herself over to you as yours to use, yours with which to satisfy yourself and your lusts, corporal and sexual. Now, my dear fellow doms, you have something we don’t talk much about… responsibility.

You have been given a gentle, submissive, fragile person. She has given you her love, her devotion, her body, and her deep, sometimes dark, secrets. She has entrused you to use her, to let others use her as you wish, and, when you wish, to abuse her as you wish. Congratulations. You are now responsible for her.

Your job is to feed her and care for her and protect her. Feed her literally, feed her emotionally, and feed her erotic needs and desires. You must feed her need to feel a part of you. You must feed her need to feel safe. You advertised for a piece of ass. Now, you own a woman, complex and alive. She enjoys giving you her body to whip and fuck, lustfully and for your satisfaction. But, she needs to know that you appreciate what she gives you. She needs to be rewarded with your love, affection, and attention. You must give it to her freely and without reservation. It cannot be kept on a string. It’s not about buying her flowers, jewelry and pretty dresses (though I’ve yet to find a woman who does not enjoy those things). It’s about telling her you want her, telling her she makes you feel good (no, stupid, not physically, that’s assumed), and that you want her to be with you. She needs to know you’re proud of her. She wants to know you want her on your arm in public and not just when she’s naked in bed. She wants to know she’s special. And, yes, she deserves to know those things.

She needs to have you chase away the boogey men when she feels bad about herself, about her looks, her abilities. She needs to know you’ll fend off the “bad” people, who only see her for her big tits, her round ass, or her cocksucking skills. She needs to be held, not so you can grope her, but so that she can feel your love bathe her, clense her after a particularly intense and lustfilled session, and rehydrate her after the exhaustion of lowering all of her defenses to your wishes and desires, or those of others whom you enjoy using her as well.

Yes, she enjoys seeing you excited by whipping her. She enjoys feeling your lust as you pour your essence into her body. She enjoys knowing you find her physically desirable. But, she also needs her needs met as well. Not just her climax, but the slow and deliberate process of building her up so that the orgasm isn’t so much a physical release as it is finding the mental trigger deep in her mind, and activating that trigger so that in addition to the physical pleasure, she feels emotionally drained of her tensions, fears, and cravings.

Owning someone is about the responsibility of caring about her, protecting her from dangers and fears, both real and imagined, and ensuring her emotional health. Owning someone is about providing the submissive the chance not just to be your property, but the chance to be happy, and then encouraging her to take whatever path it is that permits that happiness to come to her.

You think you want to own someone? You’re willing to dangle the keys to submission in front of her. Remember, you bought her, you own her, she’s yours to care for.

-From a fellow kinkster on it speaks the truth about the D/S relationships happening these days. I am proud someone had the heart to voice this.-

Thank you to all who gave their lives and those who risked them to save the american citizens on this fateful day twelve years ago.







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